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I am a self-employeed businessman.  I operate a chain of coffee nooks in hotel rooms around the globe.  This is the story of how I got started.

I am a serious, important, high powered person, as this photo of me on the cell phone in Hong Kong proves.  At the time I was solving some kind of international problem for the company I work for.  The fierce look of concentration in my eye is a hallmark of mine that I use when I am doing something really important.  I learned how to do it in a book and use weights to enhance it.

The small amount of time I have that is not spent on that kind of important, relevant work is mostly spent riding one of my several bicycles as I am what people call a "bike weenie".  To prove this, I once rode my bike across Canada.  People who do that are "bike weenies," I think, and are just trying to prove it to everyone.

My girlfriend is a very serious, important person as well.  Here's a photo of her that was used for the cover of Vogue, or something.  She is not a "bike weenie" but she is a "book worm."   To prove that, she got an Honours English degree.  Normal people do not do that, but "book worms" do.