Summer Vacation 2006

Summer Vacation 2006: Head for the sun!  We took a week touring with the van. We  drove to Kamploops and then over to Salmon Arm (where Cheryl's Dad lives).  We stayed there a couple of days, with a side trip up to Glacier National Park and Roger's Pass.  Then we headed south through the Okanagan valley, touring a few wineries as we made our way along.  To end up the trip, we camped in Osoyoos for 4 nights, and then headed back home through Princeton to Hope.  The weather was hot the whole way.  Click on any image below to ge a larger view.

  1. Summer Vacation 2006
    1. August 22: Victoria to Lac-le-Jeune
      1. Window Seat on the ferry
      2. Nearing Active Pass
      3. Weird Railway building
      4. Campsite in Lac Le Jeune Provincial Park
      5. Sunset at Lac Le Jeune
    2. August 23 at Adams Lake
      1. Cheryl at Adams Lake
      2. The beach at Adam's Lake
      3. Me on the beach
      4. Rain hideout
    3. August 24: Glacier National Park
      1. Waterfall
      2. Riding through the Park
      3. Me at the top of Roger's pass
      4. Cheryl at Roger's Pass
      5. Cheryl with Glaciers
      6. Steller's Jay
      7. Get in the van, hair-do
    4. August 25: South through the Okanagan
      1. Kalamalka lake
      2. Soaring Hawk
      3. Food break
      4. Us at Mission Hill Winery
      5. Cheryl inside Mission Hill
      6. Lakefront camping at Nk'Mip
    5. August 26-28: Osoyoos, then home
      1. Air mattress time!
      2. Bike maintenance
      3. Pink Hue
      4. Afternoon sun
      5. Bromley Rock Provincial Park
      6. Cheryl contemplating going in the water
      7. Contemplation Over
      8. Smoothed rock

August 22: Victoria to Lac-le-Jeune

Window Seat on the ferry

We were lucky enough to get a ferry spot right beside one of the portholes so we did not bother to head up to the main passenger deck to enjoy our trip on BC ferries, despite the lure of unlimited Baron of Beef.

Nearing Active Pass

The starbord window, overlooking the seas of Active Pass...

Weird Railway building

We were not in a rush to get anywhere, so we opted for a meandering route through the lower mainland.  We passed this weird old abandoned building with a mannequin staring out of one of the top windows.  For reference, it is located at the corner of Old Yale Road and Old Yale Road as you can see from the signs.

Campsite in Lac Le Jeune Provincial Park

Our first night's stop was in this provincial park.  Many trees had died due to the Mountain Pine Beetle problem, but it was still a very nice park.

Sunset at Lac Le Jeune

Sunset walk along the lakeshore road.  There were cottages right along the lake, just outside the park, but the lakefront was still able to be accessed by the public.  Well done!

August 23 at Adams Lake

Cheryl at Adams Lake

We have always enjoyed Kamploops and the surrounding area.  The terrain is very interesting.  We spent several hours at a small park called Adams Lake Proncial park.

The beach at Adam's Lake

The terrain in the South Thompson is interesting - greener than the Okanagan, but drier than Vancouver Island.

Me on the beach

The water was plenty warm for swimming...which we did.  The campsites at this park are right along this beach, just behind me.

Rain hideout

The weather was kind of weird - very hot and sunny one minute, then a brief shower.  No problem, we just took shelter in the van!

August 24: Glacier National Park


We took a tour up through Glacier National Park.  Very impressive park!  This stunning view of the glaciers, waterfall and firn was pretty representative of several viewpoints along the drive.

Riding through the Park

For fun, I decided to ride through the Park and up Roger's Pass.  Cheryl drove the van up and met me at the top of the pass.  It was not too bad of a climb compared to many of the other passes around BC.  There were 3 cool tunnels to pass through!

Me at the top of Roger's pass

I am looking forward to riding this pass again, faster next time since I am familiar with it.  It never got as steep as I was expecting it to.

Cheryl at Roger's Pass

There was a cairn at the top of the pass commemorating the completion of the Trans-Canada highway.  A good portion of our route last summer was shown on this tile mosaic.

Cheryl with Glaciers

You could not swing a dead cat up there without taking a photo of 5 or 6 glaciers.  Let's hope it stays that way...

Steller's Jay

There were plenty of these Steller's Jays in the park.  They are the provincial bird of BC.  I have a bird book which states that "it raises or lowers its crest to reflect its relative state of agitation."

Get in the van, hair-do

I was relatively agitated when this was taken.


August 25: South through the Okanagan

Kalamalka lake

We stopped along the way south to view this beautiful lake.  The photo does not do justice to its turquoise colour.

Soaring Hawk

While we were admiring the view, a hawk soared up, starting from lake level and eventually rising above us on thermal winds, and ended up cresting the hills behind us - all without flapping his wings once!

Food break

We stopped at a few wineries just south of Kelowna.  The traffic getting through Kelowna, across the bridge, was truly awful!  Nearly half an hour of stop and go just to get through the town.  Fortunately it looks like work was being done to improve things around the bridge.  Stopping at some wineries after getting through felt pretty justified.  This was at Mt. Boucherie Winery...and it's carrot time.

Us at Mission Hill Winery

The most impressive winery we stopped at in terms of the facility was Mission Hill.  It was well done, I thought, even if it is all new.

Cheryl inside Mission Hill

Someone told me the huge money making hit product that generated the money for all this was Mike's Hard Lemonade.  They built a large plaza inside the main walls, and an amphitheatre where they hold outdoor concerts.

Lakefront camping at Nk'Mip

We pulled in around dinner time to our reserved campsite.  This is one of the best campgrounds I have stayed at for summer lake fun!  Most of the 220+ sites are right on the water.  Most of the sites were full the whole time we were there.  It was pretty quiet at night although there were a few party sites during the daytime.  Not too bad though considering the size of the campground, and I have had much worse neighbours at Provincial Parks.


August 26-28: Osoyoos, then home

Air mattress time!

We did quite a bit of this.  The air mattress was a bit leaky, but it was so hot out that you just didn't care.  We had low- to mid-thirties and sun the whole time we were there.

Bike maintenance

I got a flat riding up Anarchist pass, but fortunately it did not loose much air til I went to get it the next day for a ride up Richter pass.  I rank Anarchist pass as one of the toughest climbs I have encountered on the roads of BC.  The main part rises about 800m in around 15km, which is an average of over 5%, but it is quite a bit more than that in many long stretches, and once you start climbing there are no flat sections.  Richter pass, going west from Osoyoos, is the big hill in the middle of the bike ride portion of the Ironman.  I rode that hill and some of the route beyond the day after the Ironman was on.  In addition to lots of words of encouragement scrawled on the pavement in chalk, I saw several dropped Power Bars and bags of trail mix.  The riders' curses could still be heard echoing in the hills...

Pink Hue

Due to a forest fire south of the border, we had some pink skies which cast a really cool light on everything.

Afternoon sun

Being on the east side of the lake like this meant that you could just sit at the campsite and watch the sun all afternoon.  It remained very hot throughout the day and well into the evening, so we would alternate between dunking in the lake and sitting in the chairs watching the sun.

Bromley Rock Provincial Park

We have passed by this little park several times but never stopped to spend much time...until this trip.  It is just east of Princeton.

Cheryl contemplating going in the water

The Similkameen is quite a bit colder than Lake Osoyoos...

Contemplation Over

...but the river is so pretty that it is hard to resist

Smoothed rock

The river has carved this rock into quite an intersting shape, almost like a face from some angles.  I am glad that we finally stopped to spend a little bit of time at this park, it was a nice diversion that took the edge of coming home from a great vacation.