August 11-24 2007: Jasper

...and a few points going to and fro

August 12 & 13: North Thompson

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The next day we drove up to Salmon Arm, where we visited with Cheryl's dad: well as his wife Jeanie, and his brother Don (who lives nearby):


We stayed overnight, camping in their yard:


It was our first night out camping since earlier in the summer - as always, it was great sleeping in the van!  The next day we headed out, following the North Thompson river towards Jasper.


It was a new road for me - I had not been up this way before.  The North Thompson is a really beautiful river - murky blue-green, fairly meandering, but also flowing fairly strongly in some places.


We like to stop fairly regularly, especially if the route is scenic.


The sight of the river was tempting - we thought about swimming a few times.  But it was pretty cold water, so we just dipped our toes in.


Out on the open road once again!

We stopped at a rest stop near Mount Terry Fox.  I was not aware that it is a provincial park. There is a trail which goes to  the summit - a little bit too far for a quick pit stop though!


Cheryl with the North Thompson river way in the background.  It was a striking turquoise colour which a picture never does justice to!


Now I've seen the tallest peak in B.C. - Mount Robson.  Extremely impressive!  I must admit I felt a little sorry for Mount Terry Fox, because Mt. Robson kind of overshadows it.  


Getting close to Jasper, we passed by Moose Lake.  It was an astounding colour and caused us to wonder why it was not more famous for its beauty!  But, with Jasper just next a short ways down the road, it's hard to compete.  This was a recurring theme of our trip: There is so much incredibly spectacular scenery in this area.


A rather ominious looking mountain loomed ahead.  The hot sunny weather we had been enjoying all day disappeared as we crossed the border into Alberta - it briefly poured rain on us, and subsequently it chilled down quite a bit.