August 11-24 2007: Jasper

...and a few points going to and fro

August 20 & 21: Calgary

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The van had a minor leak in one of the radiator hoses, so we figured it would be a good excuse to detour into Calgary and get it fixed.  Calgary has been a fun place for us to visit in the past too.

After a week or so camping in a remote place like Jasper, even a small highrise apartment building is quite a sight, as you can tell from our delighted expressions.

Calgary is not quite the beer-lover's town that Victoria is, but we did find a place that brewed their own.  Pretty good too.

We spent quite a bit of time just wandering around the city and exploring various neighbourhoods.  The part that we were in (downtown) was very clean and well kept up. Construction cranes were everywhere.

We hit a restaurant in Calgary's "Uptown" area (17th Avenue).   This area was quite bustling and of plenty of young people out having fun.

We discovered Calgary's "C-Train" and used it to get around quite a bit.  I was pretty impressed with the coverage that it offered.  I hope there are plans to expand it to outlying regions- rush hour traffic on the roads looked pretty bad.

We also checked out 8th Avenue SW, which is closed to vehicle traffic during the daytime (great concept!).   We found the art gallery and viewed an interesting exhibit there.

All in all, there was lots 'o fun to be had in Calgary.