June 17-24 2006: Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast

June 20: Hornby Island to Powell River

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Today was a very slow, relaxing day. We did not do much, unless you count the 3 ferry rides! Hornby to Denman, Denman to Vancouver Island, and then Comox to Powell River. What with waiting in ferry line ups and a short stop in Courtenay to pick up supplies, we did not get in here until nearly 5, so by that time we just set up camp and decided to relax!

Beau-joli ferry ride to Powell River

I was wearing my fleur-de-lis T-shirt today and passed a fellow (wearing a large fuzzy purple hat) who quite liked it. “C'est beau joli eh!” he remarked. It took so long for my brain to shift into french gear that I could barely get out a “Merci, eh?” before he was passed.

We have scored yet another fantastic campsite. We are at the municipal campground in Powell River, just on the edge of town. Once again, we are right on the beach, and quite private! I think we got the best site in the place.

A great, private spot right on the beach!

There is a wedding party right beside us. By party, I mean the traditional “Woop-de-doop” as well as the slightly less festive definition. The bride, groom, best man, maid of honour, and a few others are all staying in an RV. In fact, they got married just down at the dock about 50 m from here. Pretty informal wedding, although she did wear a white dress and I think he had a shirt with a collar. The woman who presided over the ceremonies was quite interested in our Westfalia and came over to ask a number of questions about it – she is thinking of getting one. We highly recommended it!

Watching the barges go by

The boat ride over from Comox was pretty nice. As you sail over here, you shoot between Texada island and Harwood island, which is an Indian reserve. As you come past Texada, the terraces of a strip mine are visible. It is much more picturesque if you tell yourself that it is the remains of an ancient pyramid. We were thinking of heading over to Texada because I had heard that it was beautiful once you get past the mines, but after spending a couple of days on Hornby I think we have maximized our Gulf Island experience!

Sunset view from our campsite

The slow pace of the day was a good thing since I still have not shaken off this darn cold. We'll have an early night tonight, and hopefully I'll feel better in the AM.


Hornby Island
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