June 17-24 2006: Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast

June 21: Powell River

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Once again, we have decided that our excellent campsite would make a good home base to explore the area, so we extended our stay here for 1 more night. In the morning, we drove up to Lund, about 25km from here, and looked around. There was not too much to see in the town itself, a few small cafes and a boat repair place, and, strangely, a large hotel. I guess this is must be a very popular place for fishers and kayakers, and the hotel is the stopping/starting point for them.

Cheryl on the dock in Lund

Lund is at the end of the world

We also went through “the Townsite” of Powell river, which is the original site built by the mill for its workers back in the early 1900's. Most of the original homes and buildings are still in use – well made! Views of the mill dominate much of the surroundings in the townsite. Apparently the townsite was designated a Canadian heritage spot a few years ago. Once again, as with our trip last summer, I get mixed feelings when looking at such endeavours. Especially these days, when the evidence for the lack of sustainability of our practices is so overwhelming, it is hard to look at these endeavours with a non-critical eye. Maybe if the pace of consumption were reduced somewhat, we would not need to be designating these endeavours as heritage sites...it is as if we are predicting that they shall soon be made obsolete by the lack of resources.

Okeover Provincial Park, very peaceful

We also stopped in at Okeover Provincial Park for a short exploration. Very picturesque! Mountains, ocean, and complete silence! We watched some crab fights in the tide pools. Once again, paradise for kayakers and fishers.

Low tide, where the crabs fought

This afternoon I decided I would retrace the route we drove on my bicycle. So I rode up to Lund & back. Not a bad ride, a few decent hills. I am not over the cold so I could feel the effects of still being sick, but still it was good to get back on the bike! I pushed it pretty good, I think I will be feeling it tomorrow, especially after not riding for 6 days. This was the first day on our trip that I felt up to a ride. I think that driving the road was also inspiring, seeing the hills and getting slightly familiar with the route. There was not really a good place to ride back on Hornby Island.

The wedding party was also camped here today. Looks like 7 people staying in their camper...probably a bit cramped for the honeymoon...

Weird rusting hull near the mill

Along the beach from the mill to our campsite

Cheryl went for a walk through the woods towards the mill, and then all the way back along the beach, right to our campsite. I rode on one of the same paths she took to warm up. Very well kept up, and there are branching paths going all over the place. It is great that bikes are allowed on these paths.


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