June 17-24 2006: Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast

June 24: Sechelt to Victoria

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Ended up the trip with a couple more ferry rides – Gibsons to Horseshoe Bay, then from there over to Nanaimo. I had been on neither boat. The scenery was spectacular, equally stunning as anything else we've seen. In particular, the ride from Gibsons to Horseshoe Bay, crossing Howe Sound, was phenomenal. Great views of mountains, oceans, and islands all around. Also, looking up Howe Sound you can see some pretty huge mountains – possibly even Black Tusk was visible. The ride over to Nanaimo also gave a great view of Vancouver's skyline and the Lion's Gate bridge, and the super expensive homes in West Van.

Sailboats off West Vancouver

Great views up Howe Sound from the ferry

Windy ferry to Horseshoe Bay

This person rode her bike in front of the camera in Sechelt...

...then we saw her again on the ferry!

We had 2 hours to wait in Horseshoe Bay. Unlike waiting at Tsawassen, there is at least something to do at the terminal. We wandered into the town, walked up the docks, looked at boats, etc. If you were stuck there a while, there were no shortage of restaurants to eat or drink at. We elected to head back to the van, pop the top, and have a picnic instead. Why not?

Cheryl in Horseshoe Bay

Picnic in the ferry lineup

Heading away from Vancouver back to the island

Once we hit Nanaimo we had finished our loop and just headed home. Today was beautiful and hot everywhere, Victoria being no exception. Funny thing, coming home seemed like a natural extension of the vacation. The theme of water, islands, beaches, and mountains looming across the ocean played on! Victoria was particularly festive tonight as there are 2 cruise ships in town, and Jazzfest is now on. We rode our bikes over from Cheryl's place, the inner harbour was jammed with people! There was a concert going in Market Square which we (of course) listened to. It was great to be back!

Great to be heading home!


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