June 17-24 2006: Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast

June 23: Sechelt

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Summer has definitely hit! Today was sunny and hot, and we took advantage of the great weather. I went for a bike ride along the water, nearly to Gibsons, and Cheryl went for a hike on the trails in the campground and then along the beach. It sure is pretty here! The road to Gibsons was kind of busy with car traffic but had lots of really great views of the water and Vancouver Island.

Paths in Porpoise Bay Provincial Park

Island in the inlet

I can see why people like it here. It is a really great spot to vacation. Sechelt is a nice town as well. I like it more than Powell River, though it is a little smaller. The downtown area was well kept up, lots of interesting shops. In fact, we spent an hour or so browsing around in a used book store. We bought several books – funny how I never seem to have time to browse used bookstores when in Victoria, only on holiday.

Cheryl on the beach

I found it tough to get going on the ride today. I can tell I am sick. Also, my legs were a bit sore from something, either the ride 2 days ago or the hike yesterday into Skookumchuck Narrows. Either way, another sign that I am not well as neither was particularly strenuous. I should probably take it easy for a couple of days until I feel better, but when the weather is so nice it is hard to stay off the bike!

Well lit fern


Hornby Island
Hornby Camping
Sechelt Camping