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On June 1 2005 Cheryl and I set out from our home in Victoria BC and headed east for a 3 month trip. Our destination was St. John's Newfoundland. I rode my bicycle the whole way there, while Cheryl drove our VW Westfalia. We drove back together.

I originally kept a blog of the trip while we were on the road.  I have reformatted that blog to make it a bit easier to refer to, and I have added some more photos in some areas, along with a few extra comments.

During the trip I carried a Garmin Rino 130 GPS. At the end of each day, I uploaded the GPS data to my computer.  For the interest of other cyclists out there, where there were big hills (mostly BC, northern Ontario, and a couple of days in the maritimes), I have included vertical profile data, wherever the data was good (occasionally the GPS would loose lock due to the surroundings, and some days I ran out of batteries!). This image is viewable by clicking on the "Bike Log" text for each day.

Click on a picture or the text to see the blog for that province.

British Columbia:

Part 1: June 1 - June 7 (Victoria to Castlegar)
Part 2: June 8 to June 12 (Castlegar to Fernie)

Alberta: June 13-June 15
Saskatchewan: June 15-June 20
Manitoba: June 21-June 25
Ontario Ontario:

Part 1: June 25-June 30 (Kenora to Thunder Bay)
Part 2: July 1 - 6 (Thunder Bay to Sault Ste.Marie)
Part 3: July 7 - 13 (Sault Ste.Marie to Elmvale)
Part 4: July 14 - 19 (Elmvale to Bainsville)
Quebec: July 20-July 26
New Brunswick
New Brunswick: July 27-July 30
PEI: July 31-August 1
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia: August 2-August 4
Newfoundland: August 5-August 6
The trip back: August 7-August 27